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Cataract Project

The Cataract Project involves providing lenses for poor people, from rural areas in Sri Lanka, who cannot afford to pay for the transport to their local hospital, let alone the cost of lens and eye drops.  So far, MASL has helped to restore the eye sight of around 1700 people through an operation which costs as little as £30. The eye surgeons at Dambulla, Galgamuwa, Anuradhapura, Mahiyanganaya Moneragala, Kuliyapitiya and Wattala has provided the service on behalf of MASL. The £30 you provide will pay for the cost of lenses and eye drops, the surgeons carry out their work for free.

Please help us to help thousands of poor people to get their sight back..


“All the post operative patients of the second lot were ok and they are happy and I am happy too. I examined them yesterday (26th) at Galgamuwa and some of them were in tears due to happiness of regaining vision back”. – Dr Weerakoon, Sri Lankan Eye Specialist

“Sir, I was blind before. Now I can get on with life. You will attain  ‘Lord Buddhaship’ (meaning the doctor may attain the highest position according to Buddhist belief – similar to saying “May you go to heaven”)] – Patient

 Here some protographs of the first group of patients operated on. (Photos by Dr Weerakoon) 

It costs only £30 for one patient to have cataract surgery – you can fund a number of patient’s to have surgery and we will provide you with the named and contact details of patients who benefitted.

We wish to thank Dr Weerakoon who gave his time and expertise free and also the authorities at the Puttlam Government Hospital for allowing the project to take place

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