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Haemodialysis machine to Padaviya Base Hospital costing £11,000 (Completed)

Padaviya is a rural region in the north central province of Sri Lanka and has strong farming roots. According to the District Medical officer, Padaviya Base Hospital treats several patients with kidney disease including patients from Northern and Eastern provinces. The majority of the patients are poor. This satellite unit has limited facilities to cope with the demand for haemodialysis. At present only a few patients go to Anuradapura Hospital for treatment. Those that cannot afford to travel to Anuradhapura three times a week often die. Left to fend without their main breadwinner, families face a daily struggle for survival with children often having to halt their education as a result. Establishing a well-equipped Haemodialysis Unit will benefit such families as well as the patients themselves.

A request from Padaviya Hospital is being considered.

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