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The UK Association for Medical Aid to Sri Lanka AGM 19 November 2017


UK Association for Medical Aid to Sri Lanka AGM 19 November 2017

Belmont Health Centre at 14.00 hours

1 - Welcome

2 - Secretary’s Annual Report

3- Treasurer’s Report

4- Appointment of new Committee members

4- Information about Event organised by Hiroki

5- Any other matter about the fund raising event and any pending requests

6 – End

United Kingdom Association of Medical Aid to Sri Lanka Secretary’s Report 2017

Dear Friends of Medical Aid to Sri Lanka,

Thank you very much for attending our 22nd AGM. This is a chance to celebrate some of the fantastic work that we have been able to facilitate, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Projects supported in 2017

1) Through the Colombo South Inner Wheel Club we donated two life saving pieces of equipment to Castle Street Maternity Hospital.

Approximately 24,500 babies are born prematurely in Sri Lanka each year. At these early stages, some parts of their development will not have been finished and this means they are not ready for life outside the womb. They are at risk of developing breathing problems, hypothermia and infections, and in some cases may not survive at all.

Medical Aid to Sri Lanka donated an incubator worth £1,620, to keep premature babies at the correct temperature for them to grow. In addition, we provided a ventilator which helps them to breathe until their own lungs are mature.

The consultant paediatrician thanked us and our supporters profusely, saying that these facilities are “like giving life.”

2) At the request of the DMO Marawila Hospital we donated a state-of-the-art anaesthetic machine worth £18,250.

The rate of caesarean section births in Sri Lanka is increasing steadily. In response, the DMO Marawila Hospital has recently built a new operating theatre, specifically designed for these procedures. The machine, an essential piece of equipment for this new facility, will enable hundreds more women to deliver their babies in a safe environment, with the appropriate monitoring and care.

We would like to thank Dr Wijendra and Dr Attale in particular for their help in making this donation.

3) We continue to provide kidney dialysis catheters to patients through Samastha Lanka Kidney Patients Association. This year, we donated 300 units to them totalling £6,415.

Kidney failure, due to known causes such as diabetes and hypertension, is a debilitating, terminal illness. Dialysis, a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly, is the only way to keep patients alive as they await a potential transplant operation.

Patients often need dialysis three times a week, yet hospitals usually provide two due to a lack of facilities. These extra sessions therefore need to be carried out by an external party, such as the Kidney Patients Association. They also offer social and mental support to the patients and their families. The catheters supplied by Medical Aid to Sri Lanka are c

ritical pieces of equipment for the delivery of dialysis, greatly improving the life chances of thousands of patients in need.

This project was established by Dr Sanjaya Heiyathuduwa, a renal Consultant at the Army. We would also like to thank Dr Attale for facilitating this project for Medical Aid to Sri Lanka.

4) In addition to these large initiatives, we also donated £2,120 in response to the Flood Relief appeal, and established a new cleaning service for the Vajira Children’s Home Pita Kotte £215.


Once again, we held our Annual Dinner, raising nearly £8,000. This was attended by 250 people, though raffle ticket sales were perhaps lower than usual. We would like to thank all those who attended, and those who provided fantastic entertainment and food, helping to ensure another highly successful event.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who support us regularly. It is only with their help that we are able to provide the equipment and services so sorely needed by people in Sri Lanka.

Our thanks to Dr Wijendra for providing us with the facilities to hold the Annual General Meeting today.

Lastly, I have to mention about our president Dr Tony Sirimanne who is not able to attend due to ill health. We wish him whole heartedly all the best wishes for a full recovery as quickly as possible.


Upali Ranasinghe


Medical Aid to Sri Lanka


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